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Nagios Plugins Quick-and-Dirty Installation Instructions

0) If using the CVS tree, you need m4, automake, and autoconf. To
   start out, run:

	# autoconf
	# autoheader
	# automake

   or you can run ./tools/setup

   Currently we are only supporting autoconf 2.13 and automake 1.4p5. Support
   for the latest autoconf and automake are in the works.

1) Run the configure script to initialize variables and create a Makefile, etc.

	./configure --prefix=BASEDIRECTORY --with-nagios-user=SOMEUSER --with-nagios-group=SOMEGROUP --with-cgiurl=SOMEURL

   a) Replace BASEDIRECTORY with the path of the directory under which Nagios
      is installed (default is '/usr/local/nagios')
   b) Replace SOMEUSER with the name of a user on your system that will be
      assigned permissions to the installed plugins (default is 'nagios')
   c) Replace SOMEGRP with the name of a group on your system that will be
      assigned permissions to the installed plugins (default is 'nagios')
   d) Replace CGIURL with the path used to access the Nagios CGIs with
      a web browser (default is '/nagios/cgi-bin')

2) Compile the plugins with the following command:

	make all

3) Install the compiled plugins and plugin scripts with the following command:

	make install

   The installation procedure will attempt to place the plugins in a 
   'libexec/' subdirectory in the base directory you specified with
   the --prefix argument to the configure script.

4) Verify that your host configuration file (hosts.cfg) for Nagios contains
   the correct paths to the new plugins.

That's it.  If you have any problems or questions, feel free send mail
to nagios-users at lists.sourceforge.net or nagiosplug-help at lists.sourceforge.net

Please send patches and bugs to nagiosplug-devel at lists.sourceforge.net and
post them on http://sourceforge.net/projects/nagiosplug.


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