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suggest minimum standards for support requests

--- NEW FILE ---
Using the mailing lists and tracker databases at SourceForge are the
best ways to obtain direct support for the Nagios Plugins. There may
also be commercial support options available to you -- check
http://www.nagios.org/ to track the current status of commercial
support offerings.

There are two mailing lits associated wth Nagios Plugin development:
'help' (mailto:nagiosplug-help at lists.sourceforge.net), and 'devel'
(mailto:nagiosplug-devel at lists.sourceforge.net). Unless you are fairly
certain you have found a bug or thet you are requesting a new feature,
please direct support requests to 'help'.

Becuase these lists are handled entirely by voluteers, and because
these same volunteers are often plugin developers who can also use
their time to fix bug and provide feature requests, it is genrally in
you interest to do a modest amount of legwork bfore posting to either
of these lists.

In brief, always provide the version of the software that you are
using, and when requsting features or reporting bugs, first check to
see that the issue has not already been addressed in the CVS tree.


Requests to 'help' require posting the version number of the
plugin. The best place to include the version information is in the
subject. A good post would have a subject like:

  Can I use SSL with check_imap (nagios-plugins 1.3.0-beta2) 1.12

If you do not include the verion of the plugin, you risk having your
post silently ignored.

Be advised that the core plugins (and in fact many of the contributed
plugins) will provide a description of their use when invoked with the
'--help' option. Please read the help carefully and in it's entirety
before asking for support.

There is also a support database on the SourceForge-hosted development
site. Feel free to use either the mailing list or the web interface,
but follow the guideline above for both.


Bug reports, investigations of possible bugs, feature requests, and
patch submissions should be submitted to the development list at
(mailto:nagiosplug-devel at lists.sourceforge.net). 

As with the support list, you should identify the version, prefrably
in the subject line. However, to best use developer resources, it is
suggested that you reference your report one of the following sources:

  1) The most recent release, including beta's

  2) The twice-daily snapshots (there's a link provided on

  3) The current CVS tree from sourceforge

(This does not mean you should run any of these sources in a
production environment - the latter two you clearly should
not. However, if you find a bug, you should determine whether it is
still present in one of these sources, preferably either (2) or (3)
which are most recent>)

>From experince, I know that most bugs can be fixed with only a few
more moments work than it takes to determine if the bug is still
present in the CVS tree. If you can save a developer the expense of
that time, you ensure that bugs are fixed more rapidly, and thus you
ensure your problem resolution is reflected in a stable release more

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