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Stanley Hopcroft stanleyhopcroft at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Dec 2 00:45:03 CET 2004

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check_icmp plugin from A Ericsson

--- NEW FILE: check_icmp.c ---
 * check_icmp - A hack of fping2 to work with nagios.
 *              This way we don't have to use the output parser.
 * This file was formatted with tab indents at a tab stop of 4.
 * It is highly recommended that your editor is set to this
 * tab stop setting for viewing and editing.
 * This programs copyright status is currently undetermined. Much of
 * the code in it comes from the fping2 program which used to be licensed
 * under the Stanford General Software License (available at
 * http://graphics.stanford.edu/software/license.html). It is presently
 * unclear what license (if any) applies to the original code at the
 * moment.
 * The fping website can be found at http://www.fping.com
[...1342 lines suppressed...]
*/	printf("  -v       show version\n");
	printf("  -D       increase debug output level\n");
	printf("  -w       warning threshold pair, given as RTA[ums],PL[%%]\n");
	printf("  -c       critical threshold pair, given as RTA[ums],PL[%%]\n");
	printf("* This program requires root privileges to run properly.\n");
	printf("  If it is run as setuid root it will halt with an error if;\n");
	printf("    interval < 25 || retries > 5\n\n");
	printf("* Threshold pairs are given as such;\n");
	printf("    100,40%%\n");
	printf("  to set a threshold value pair of 100 milliseconds and 40%% packetloss\n");
	printf("  The '%%' sign is optional, and if rta value is suffixed by;\n");
	printf("    s, rta time is set in seconds\n");
	printf("    m, rta time will be set in milliseconds (this is default)\n");
	printf("    u, rta time will be set in microseconds\n");
	printf("  Decimal points are silently ignored for sideways compatibility.\n");
}								/* usage() */

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