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Mon Sep 24 20:51:08 CEST 2007

Revision: 1796
Author:   tonvoon
Date:     2007-09-24 11:51:07 -0700 (Mon, 24 Sep 2007)

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State that stderr should not have any output

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Modified: nagiosplug/trunk/doc/developer-guidelines.sgml
--- nagiosplug/trunk/doc/developer-guidelines.sgml	2007-09-24 18:45:59 UTC (rev 1795)
+++ nagiosplug/trunk/doc/developer-guidelines.sgml	2007-09-24 18:51:07 UTC (rev 1796)
@@ -87,11 +87,14 @@
 		the entire output to appear in a pager message, which will get chopped
 		off after a certain length.</para>
+		<para>As Nagios does not capture stderr output, you should only output to 
+		STDOUT and not print to STDERR.</para>
 		<section><title>Print only one line of text</title>
 		<para>Nagios will only grab the first line of text from STDOUT
 		when it notifies contacts about potential problems. If you print
-		multiple lines, you're out of luck. Remember, keep it short and
-		to the point.</para>
+		multiple lines, you're out of luck (though this will be a feature of 
+		Nagios 3). Remember, keep your output short and to the point.</para>
 		<para>Output should be in the format:</para>
@@ -139,8 +142,9 @@
 		<section><title>Screen Output</title>
 		<para>The plug-in should print the diagnostic and just the
-		synopsis part of the help message.  A well written plugin would
+		usage part of the help message.  A well written plugin would
 		then have --help as a way to get the verbose help.</para>
 		<para>Code and output should try to respect the 80x25 size of a
 		crt (remember when fixing stuff in the server room!)</para>

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