[monitoring-plugins] fix guidelines docbook syntax

Sven Nierlein git at monitoring-plugins.org
Thu Oct 8 13:50:11 CEST 2015

 Module: monitoring-plugins
 Branch: master
 Commit: 813b3bd5a40a94ee46b2092357439756c960ae20
 Author: Sven Nierlein <sven at nierlein.de>
   Date: Thu Oct  8 13:46:53 2015 +0200
    URL: https://www.monitoring-plugins.org/repositories/monitoring-plugins/commit/?id=813b3bd

fix guidelines docbook syntax

no newlines allowed after </para>


 doc/developer-guidelines.sgml | 5 ++---
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/developer-guidelines.sgml b/doc/developer-guidelines.sgml
index abfc508..6f31f36 100644
--- a/doc/developer-guidelines.sgml
+++ b/doc/developer-guidelines.sgml
@@ -200,9 +200,8 @@
 						operation. Higher-level errors (such as name resolution errors,
 						socket timeouts, etc) are outside of the control of plugins and should
 						generally NOT be reported as UNKNOWN states.
-						</para>
-						<para>The --help or --version output should also result in Unknown state.</para>
-						</entry>
+						</para><para>The --help or --version output should also result in Unknown state.
+						</para></entry>

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