[Nagiosplug-devel] Re: netsaint-plugins-1.2.9-4.rpm dependancy breaks on RH 7.2

Terje Bless link at pobox.com
Wed Apr 3 03:10:26 CEST 2002

Karl DeBisschop <kdebisschop at alert.infoplease.com> wrote:

>can't you just install openssl096-0.9.6-6 from the distribution CD?

Sure, but since I don't need SSL ATM, I just jury-rigged it with some
bubblegum and symlinks to the new libssl/libcrypto. :-)

>Granted, the library is there for compatibility purposes, but IMHO being
>unwilling to go to disk 2 does not define 'stock RedHat 7.2'

IMO, "Stock Red Hat 7.2" is the intersection of a default Workstation
install and a default Server install. Running on this should, again IMO, be
a goal; though perhaps subordinate to many other goals.

But so long as you actually get some indication that something is wrong --
by an error message or a failed dependency at install time -- you've
covered it. It's just that I spent a damned long time wondering why my old
Netsaint box detected a down web server while my brand spanking new box --
fully patched up, running on decent hardware, and with a Netsaint config
that hadn't grown organically from primordial oooze :-) -- didn't.

>That being said, I will try and get an updated RPM posted.

Great. Thanks Karl!

BTW, is Nagiosplug-Devel moderated for some reason? That's what SF's
Mailman is telling me anyway.

I have lobbied for the update and improvement of SGML. I've done it for years.
I consider it the jewel for which XML is a setting.  It does deserve a bit or
polishing now and then.                                        -- Len Bullard

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