[Nagiosplug-devel] Bug in MACRO passing to event handlers ?

Jan David jan.david.jd at belgium.agfa.com
Thu Aug 22 05:47:02 CEST 2002


I've been working on a bunch of Oracle plugins and eventhandlers and came
across a bug which I'd like to share with all of you. I've checked the FAQ
and other resources and didn't find anything - so I believe it is relevant.

First off all, I'm still using Netsaint 0.0.7 for my production
environment, but the problem very likely persists in Nagios aswell. Maybe
someone would care to check this ?

Here it is:

If you have defined a service with a name that has spaces in it, then the
$SERVICEDESC$ macro will not get passed through correctly to an event


Suppose we have the following line in hosts.cfg:

service[unix-machine]=ORA FREESPACE;0;24x7;1;60;30;oracle-admins;240;24x7;1;1;0;event-oracle-freespace;check-oracle-freespace

and the following line in commands.cfg

command[event-oracle-freespace]=$USER2$/event_oracle_freespace $SERVICESTATE$ $STATETYPE$ $SERVICEATTEMPT$ $HOSTNAME$ $SERVICEDESC$

When the service check is performed and a state change occurs, the event handler is executed. As you can see from the line above, it expects 5
arguments. One of them
is the service description $SERVICEDESC$ which is derived from the definition in the service line.

The macro $SERVICEDESC$ should pass the value 'ORA FREESPACE' to the eventhandler, but in reality only 'ORA' is passed on. This causes some problems
because I
want to automatically log a comment to the comments file using the ADD_SVC_COMMENT external command. This extranal command requires the 'correct'
service description
in order to work.

I solved the problem by not using whitespace in service descriptions.

Either this is a bug OR is should be mentioned in the documentation that one is not allowed to use whitespace in service descriptions.


J. David

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