[Nagiosplug-devel] nagios plugin written in sh

Bertelson, Tom (CAP, CARD) Tom.Bertelson at gecapital.com
Thu Jul 11 06:23:04 CEST 2002

Carefully check your environment variables.  This is the problem I run into
most often.  You may have things exported at the command line that the
nagios daemon doesn't.
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Hi all,

I am writing a shell script which ought to select a certain cell from a
mysql database (specified in the parameter) and, if found, return OK/0, if
not a CRITICAL/2.
Now something really strange happens.
I test the plugin on the command line, being the same user as the nagios
Everything works fine.
So I put the plugin command into my checkcommands.cfg and associate a
service with it, wait... and now comes the surpise:
mysql exits with a status 1 - not 0 as it should, even if it does NOT find
the cell I'm asking for.
Anybody ever had such problems?
What can I do about this?

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