[Nagiosplug-devel] check_disk_smb problem

Subhendu Ghosh sghosh at sghosh.org
Wed Jun 19 21:30:02 CEST 2002

Thanks for the bug report.

should be fixed in cvs.

Have not addressed the admin share issue as yet.


On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, J. Casalino wrote:

> Greetings.
> I've been playing with the NetSaint 1.2.9-4 check_disk_smb plugin today.
> I noticed the following errant behavior in the WARNING and CRITICAL
> notifications.
> * If I specify a percentage, the plugin appears to work as designed.  As
> soon as I cross the warning threshold percent specified on the
> commandline, I receive the warning notification, and as soon as I cross
> the critical threshold percent, I receive the critical threshold
> notification.
> * If I use the M(byte) or G(byte) for warning/critical thresholds, I
> never receive a warning -- I go straight to critical no matter what the
> warning threshold is set to.
> I made some quick modifications to the check_disk_smb plugin to verify
> my suspicions, since I didn't know any other way to display whether I
> was exiting the script with a warning or critical state.  Watch what
> happens here (username and password sanitized):
> Using the default values of warning at 85% and critical at 95% I receive
> this output:
> [root at SLNetSaint plugins-scripts]# check_disk_smb log -u
> <username> -p <password>
> Disk ok - 3.3G (29%) free on \\\log
> Using the thresholds where I want them, at 70% warning and 90% critical,
> I receive the following:
> [root at SLNetSaint plugins-scripts]# check_disk_smb log -u
> <username> -p <password> -w70 -c90 
> WARNING -- Only 3.3G (29%) free on \\\log
> Using a threshold for warning at 3500M and critical at 1000M, I get the
> following:
> [root at SLNetSaint plugins-scripts]# check_disk_smb log -u
> <username> -p <password> -w3500M -c1000M  
> CRITICAL -- Only 3.3G (29%) free on \\\log
> Same result if I use 3G and 1G instead of 3500M and 1000M:
> [root at SLNetSaint plugins-scripts]# check_disk_smb log -u
> <username> -p <password> -w3G -c1G  
> CRITICAL -- Only 3.3G (29%) free on \\\log
> But even more interesting, even if I specify 2G and 1G for
> warning/critical thresholds respectively, I receive:
> [root at SLNetSaint plugins-scripts]# check_disk_smb log -u
> <username> -p <password> -w2G -c1G  
> CRITICAL -- Only 3.3G (29%) free on \\\log
> I checked the Nagios v1.3 check_disk_smb plugin and it appears that some
> of the perl was cleaned up, but the logic is largely the same as the
> NetSaint 1.2.9-4 plugin.  If I had any idea where to start with this I
> would, but I'm not familiar enough with CVS or perl to feel comfortable
> hacking the logic on this one. 
> In addition, I'd like to suggest two items for check_disk_smb: 
> 1) I think that check_disk_smb *should* also report WARNING -- or
> CRITICAL -- like the modifications I made above so that it's easier to
> troubleshoot warning/critical threshold problems.
> 2) check_disk_smb currently does not support checking administrative or
> hidden shares on servers such as c$, d$, e$, etc... While I don't want
> to create a domain admin user just to allow NetSaint/Nagios to check
> drive space, it would be quite handy to be able to specify a hidden
> share such as log$ in the example above so users wouldn't be able to see
> shares they should not have access to.
> Thanks!
> J. Casalino
> Sr. Network Administrator, Fairbanks Capital Corp.
> josephc at fairbankscapital.com


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