[Nagiosplug-devel] CVS Issues

local.coder code at novageeks.org
Fri Jun 28 12:01:49 CEST 2002

Here is what I have found and hopefully someone who understands autoconf and 
automake better than me can look at these two items.

First thanks to Subhendu who helped me to find out that I had too new an 
automake and autoconf. So somewhere in the readme can it be added that you must 
use autoconf 2.13 and automake 1.4. Anything newer has problems when you get to 
automake. So with those installed I know had makefiles. I ran configure and the 
only issue I got was with plugins/Makefile line 752 which had just this
-include $(DEP_FILES)

My best guess would be that there is something missing before the - but I 
didn't see this line anywhere in the old netsaint-plugins cvs makefiles.

Last and most perplexing was the make itself. make all was working except none 
of the includes options were there so I got getopt.h missing errors.

I tried several things but what finally fixed it was to add -I. onto my CC= gcc 
definition. The gcc ended up looking like this when make was run.
gcc -g -O2 -c check_disk.c

After all this I now have compiled CVS plugins. Hope this info helps those 
working on autoconfs.

My config is FreeBSD 4.5 Current.


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