[Nagiosplug-devel] Output from plugin not displayed by Nagios ?

Jose L. Marcos jose-louis.marcos at cnes.fr
Thu May 30 23:19:02 CEST 2002


I'm playing with check_hprsc.pl PERL plugin (from netsaintplug-1.2.9-4
contribs) and Nagios 1.0b2... 

check_hprsc makes use of snmpwalk to grab information on filesystems
from a hpux host  (actually it does also some cpu check, but I'm only
using filesystem free space check functionality), does some calculation
then ends by returning an exit code (-1,0,1 or 2) and a text message (1
line < 80 chars).

Ok. Everything works fine except for Nagios not showing me the output
from the plugin.

This particular plugin just uses a 'printf "Text (%format)\n"' statement
to display informative messages. The thing that puzzles me, is : if I
explicitly put a 'print "blabla\n"; exit 1;' before any real code
execution (let say after 'GetOptions' call) I get the correct status and
plugin output on Nagios Services View !

Any ideas ?

	Jose Luis

    Y no llegaste a quererme, y eran mis cinco sentidos
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