[Nagiosplug-devel] RE: nagiosplug- check_snmp

Michael Haro michael.haro at ceres.ca.gov
Thu Nov 14 12:35:03 CET 2002

What are you waiting on me for?  I haven't had time to fully test the
check_snmp plugin this week yet :-/

Also, is check_snmp supposed to support both net-snmp 4.x and 5.x or just


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Subhendu Ghosh writes:

> Thanks Michael.
> Looks like another change between v4.x and 5.x
> (Also might look into supporting some IPv6 and TCP options in 5x)
> As a side note: there was a change in r1.8 (line 326) where the "}else{"
> clause was dropped.
> Without out it, I can't seem to get my warning/critical range checking to
> work.  check_num() properly sets iresult but the lack of the "else" clause
> overrides it.
> I have a patch - but wanted to confirm before applying it.
> -subhendu

Is it possibly a typo on my part?

I don't see a reply from Michael yet, but I do notice that check_snmp in the
latest snapshot seems to be in warning state when it shiould not be (at
least for my deployment). Is that the same issue?

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