[Nagiosplug-devel] Update: Default time-out of plugins.

Jan David jan.david.jd at belgium.agfa.com
Mon Oct 21 02:38:01 CEST 2002

I made a mistake in my previous post. To fix the problem with the
time-outs, you have to change the line:

#define COMMAND_TIMEOUT         60                     /* timeout for execution of plugins */

In the nrpe.c source file and re-compile. For some reason this is hard-coded into the source.
It seems to me that this would be better placed in "common.h"  and made available to the user
as a command-line option.

One final remark: this issue remains the same whether you are using nrpe-1.2.5 (netsaint) or
nrpe-1.5 (nagios).


J. David

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Hi All,

I've been working on a set of Oracle plugins which verify if a tablespace
still has enough freespace left,
 space left for a nextexent and maxexent. In case of a problem, a
service_event_handler writes a comment
to the comment file stating the tablespace(s) that are in trouble.

This usually works fine but a couple of times a day I get a timeout related
to these services. If a database is
 really busy, some of the checks can last several minutes. This is fine
because I only run the check every hour or
so. Unfortunately I can't get rid of the timeouts.

To be fair, I'm still using netsaint 0.0.7+nrpe, but I assume the timeout
code hasn't changed in Nagios.

First I changed the following settings in netsaint.cfg:

# These options control how much time NetSaint will allow various
# types of commands to execute before killing them off.  Options
# are available for controlling maximum time allotted for
# service checks, host checks, event handlers, notifications, the
# ocsp command, and performance data commands.  All values are in
# seconds.


This didn't change anything. Next I changed the default timeout of nrpe and
recompiled it. This too didn't help.
Finally, I resulted in changing the following constant in the netsaint.h
header file:


After re-compiling, this finally seems to help. This was previously set to
60 seconds (which was exactly the timeout of my scripts).

My question is: what are those TIMEOUT values for in netsaint.cfg, since
they clearly do not change the default behaviour of the service and host


J. David

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