[Nagiosplug-devel] bugfix: check_smtp on MS exchange 2K servers

Ethan Galstad nagios at nagios.org
Sun Sep 1 13:25:03 CEST 2002

It might make sense to make the dummy command string a command line 
option.  If its not specified, default it to something standard.  
That way the user can always override it if they need to and we won't 
have to deal with finding a string that works 100% on all mail 
servers.  What do you think?

On 1 Sep 2002 at 12:02, Subhendu Ghosh wrote:
> Hi Reinier
> The current CVS version does just what you have said, but slightly 
> differently.
> SMTP_HELO is concatenated with the local hostname and "\r\n" to create the 
> HELO statement
> For the MAIL command - rfc 821 allows the presence of a NULL reverse path 
> (see ex 7) - does Exchange 2k complain about a null reverse path?
> -sg

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