[Nagiosplug-devel] inconsistance between nagios and documentation

Martin.Schmitz at naw.de Martin.Schmitz at naw.de
Thu Sep 19 00:50:05 CEST 2002


as i stated earlier in this list, there is an inconsistance between nagios
and the documentation and even between
different parts of the documentation. unfortunately this has not been fixed
in the latest beta.
just compare the description of freshness_threshold in "xodtemplate.html",
"distributed.html" and "freshness.html".
the description in "xodtemplate.html" matches the behavior of nagios.
i think this should be fixed.


>first, there is an inconsistant description of freshness checks in the
>the freshness_threshold must be given in seconds, but the freshness.html
>says: if set to 5 and interval_length is set to 60 then it will be 5
>minutes. this isn't true. see paragraph "How The Freshness Threshold
>the same wrong description is given on the page distributed.html paragraph
>"Freshness Checking".
>I'm providing some passive service checks to nagios without using nsca.
>check time is provided by the remote host. the check is executed every 5
>minutes and freshness_threshold is set to 10 minutes. the problem is, that
>the remote hosts time isn't synchronized with the nagios hosts time. if
>remote hosts time is more then 10 minutes after the nagios time, then the
>service states will flap all the time, because each incoming passive
>service check result is detected to be stale. this could be solved by
>synchronizing the times with NTP, but which way should be used if NTP
>possible. How does NSCA handle this?
>As a workaround i do not use the check time from the remote host, but
>replace it with the local time when passing the result into the external
>command file. any suggestions about a better solution?

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