[Nagiosplug-devel] Re: Nagios plugins and IPv6 support

Karl DeBisschop karl at debisschop.net
Sat Aug 9 17:20:16 CEST 2003

On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 14:30, Ethan Galstad wrote:
> On 9 Aug 2003 at 9:12, Karl DeBisschop wrote:
> > On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 02:18, Jeremy T. Bouse wrote:
> > > Karl,
> > > 
> > > 	While writing my last email to you I was thinking... Should we not
> > > make some PR still news blurb on the plugins site or even possibly on
> > > Nagios about expecting full IPv4 and IPv6 support in the upcoming
> > > release? I really don't believe there is any open-source or commerical
> > > network monitoring service that has IPv6 support at all... Sorry if it
> > > sounds a lil marketing-ish as I just came back from spending a few days
> > > on the Linux World Expo 2003 show floor... I'd actually like to see if I
> > > couldn't possibly see Nagios/plugins and Firewall Builder two packages I
> > > maintain for Debian be able to give some display/demo at it next year to
> > > give it some more exposure...
> > 
> > While I support doing it, I'd need to take a back seat in that effort -
> > I'm burning up all my time in this code review, and I still need to put
> > hi-res timing into a bunch of plugins, plus add perf data.
> > 
> Just drop me a note if you think a news item should go on the Nagios 
> site and I'll add it.  We could link it to a more detailed page on 
> the plugin website if people want more information.

We'll definitely want to post to the nagios site.

This will be a very exciting release as we will have:

1) IPv6
2) NLS support
3) Major code cleanup, removing a slew of warning from the 
   more pedantic settings of GCC (and also turning up a
   handful of now-fixed bugs, which of course was the 

I think we'll want to post the alphas reasonably prominantly becuase all
these item result in big code changes that should be tested (I already
only run 1.3.99, no 1.3.1 old code for me)

I think what Jeremy is talking about would be a sort of press release
that could go to places like LWN.net, etc. Also a posting to freshmeat,
which we usually don't bother to do.

Maybe the starting point is to generate a list of place where the notice
of the release should be sent.


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