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Wed Aug 20 03:16:03 CEST 2003

Bugs item #788142, was opened at 2003-08-13 16:56
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Status: Open
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>Priority: 3
Submitted By: Steve Hanselman (stevehan)
>Assigned to: Ton Voon (tonvoon)
Summary: check_ms_spooler fails with splice error

Initial Comment:
This is in release 1.3.1

splice() offset past end of array 
at ./check_ms_spooler.pl line 319.

This is possibly due to us having service definitions 
without descriptions:

        Sharename      Type      Comment
        ---------      ----      -------
        NETLOGON       Disk      Logon server share 
        ADMIN$         Disk      Remote Admin
        REPL$          Disk      
        IPC$           IPC       Remote IPC
        CDrom          Disk      
        C$             Disk      Default share
        croot          Disk      
        SQL_Backups    Disk      
        E$             Disk      Default share
        ExchInstall    Disk      
        PCCommon       Disk      
        connect$       Disk      "Access to gateway 
        G$             Disk      Default share
        Roaming        Disk      
        BackupExec     Disk      
        Eroot          Disk      
        Address        Disk      "Access to address objects"
        Add-ins        Disk      "Access to EDK objects"
        HP8100         Printer   HP LaserJet 8100 Series 
PCL 5e
        GFIMDat        Disk      
        MessDat1       Disk      
        ACT Database   Disk      
        Technical      Disk      
        ACT Reports    Disk      
        tracking.log   Disk      "Exchange message tracking 
        SourceSafe     Disk      
        Resources      Disk      "Event logging files"
        MessDat        Disk      
        print$         Disk      Printer Drivers
        Accounts       Disk      
        Homes          Disk      
        XeroxPha       Printer   Xerox Phaser 1235
        Server               Comment
        ---------            -------
        DECSERVER            Brendata Backup Domain 
Controller & Test Server
        LINUX2               (mailgate) Samba 1.9.16p11
        LINUX3               Samba Server on Linux3
        PLUTO                Samba 2.0.3
        PRODNTSC1            Brendata Domain Controller
        TECH5-XP             Tech5-XP
        Workgroup            Master
        ---------            -------
        BRENDATA             PRODNTSC1


>Comment By: Ton Voon (tonvoon)
Date: 2003-08-20 10:14

Logged In: YES 


Thanks for the bug report. Have changed the check_wins.pl 
to use nagios instead of netsaint.

The problem with check_ms_spooler.pl is that scripts in 
contrib do not get the substitutions for the use lib line. There 
are two bits of work here:
1) getting contrib stuff to work after a make
2) moving contrib stuff to core if they are okay.

Will leave this call open to work on (2) for 
check_ms_spooler.pl and check_wins.pl



Comment By: Steve Hanselman (stevehan)
Date: 2003-08-15 08:46

Logged In: YES 

The error was due to there being no entries on the print
queue, but the real error that was causing the plugin to
fail was the fact that it did not specify the inc location
for the utils.pm include:

use lib '/usr/local/nagios/libexec/' ;

Added this and it worked.

There is also an issue with check_wins.pl in that it used
the old netsaint path (which happened to be valid on our
system), so appeared to work, but this needs changing as well.


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