[Nagiosplug-devel] Issue with custom nagios plugin

William Dinyes wdinyes at ourvacationstore.com
Mon Jul 28 14:47:08 CEST 2003

In toying around with writing my own nagios plugin, I've run into a rather
strange error, which I am hoping someone here has seen before.  The script I
am running sets a date as part of a URL to check freshness of stats pages on
my sites.  Here's the script (simple?  oh yes, and a kludge to boot):

# This is a simple script to check our stats servers to make sure that
# new stats were uploaded properly today.



if [ "$1" == "--help" -o "$1" == "-h" ]
        //simple help output

URLDATE=`date -d yesterday +"%Y\/%m"`
SEARCHDATE=`date +"%d %b %Y"`

URLOUT=`/bin/sed -e "s/DATE/$URLDATE/g" << EOF

/usr/bin/lynx -dump http://$URLOUT | /bin/egrep "Last Update
HDATE" > /dev/null
if [ "$OUTCODE" -eq "1" ]
        echo "CRITICAL: Update failed, check hex logs."
        exit 2
elif [ "$OUTCODE" -eq "0" ]
        echo "OK: Update for $SEARCHDATE has occurred."
        exit 0
        echo "WARNING: Unable to parse file, website down?"
        exit 1

If I run this from the command line as nagios, I get:
nagios at tuxedo:~/libexec
125$ ./check_stats
OK: Update for 28 Jul 2003 has occurred.

But when I set it up and run it from nagios itself against the same server, 
I get the CRITICAL: Update failed... line every time.

Things I've tried to no avail:
- putting the full path on every command (from sed to date)
- outputting additional information indicates that the URL is being
constructed fine, the
  dates are all set properly.  
- checked services.cfg, checkcommands.cfg, etc.  All seem fine.

Frankly, all I can think of is that my return code is somehow always getting
set to 1
for no reason.

Is there something I am missing (like pathing, or some sort of nagios config
I've missed)?

I did try this with check_http, but getting the date set properly wasn't
working at all,
no matter how many $USERx$ lines I had.

William Dinyes
Website Administrator
10030 N. 25th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85021

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