kelvin chike kelvinchike at go.com
Mon Jun 2 06:39:06 CEST 2003

Dear sir=2Fmadam=2C
I am a Private Investigator based in Europe=2E A group of Government 
Officials from an African Country contacted me with a Proposal=2E 
I am to Make contact with you and state
their offer=2C if your Interest is Genuine=2C you will be Contacted 
for your Account details to which will be transferred the sum of 
$33=2C600=2C000=2E00 USD=2E =2820% of which is yours=29=2E
You are then required to forward the remaining balance =28Minus the 
Interest=2C handling and tax clearance charges=2C which Will be offset 
by Us & Deducted from the transferred sum=29 to a nominated Bank account 
in the Cayman Islands=2E I don't think I need to spell out the importance 
of Secrecy in this Matter considering the amount involved=2E
Let me state clearly here that the account that you would be providing 
does not need to have funds in it=2C it is only needed to be active and be able to receive funds=2E
So=2C if I don't hear from you within three days I will assume you 
are not interested and will solicit for a new partner=2C but if you 
know you are interested let me know=2E List your phone & fax Numbers 
so we may communicate with you=2E This is important as we would
Have to talk about the modalities of the transaction=2E
Waiting to hear from you=2E
kelvin chike

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