[Nagiosplug-devel] Development and general help...

Raymond Page pagerc at ufl.edu
Mon Jun 23 11:07:02 CEST 2003

To whomever is on these lists:

I am trying to get check_imap.t and check_pop.t to run.  They are located 
under the plugins/t/ directory.  However, I'm not a Perl guy, and I'm 
befudled as to why it says I need Cache.pm.  I'm presuming it's some sort of 
Perl library/module that it's not finding.  Anyways, I've looked on CPAN and 
I'm pretty clueless as to what I need to get, if someone could help me with 
that I'd appreciate it.

As for development, I'm wanting to take the check_email_loop.pm from the 
contrib section and convert it over to imap.  I'm curious if Nagios will 
timeout while I'm connected.  The idea is to send N emails and leave the imap 
connection open until all of the emails have arrived, and thus be able to 
find the average time it takes for emails to arrive.  IMAP as opposed to POP 
because it's one session and less time reconstructing the connection.  Since 
I'm having to wait for the emails, I don't want Nagios to timeout on the 
return reply.  So if anyone knows how long Nagios will wait for a check to 
take, that's what I need.


Raymond Page

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