[Nagiosplug-devel] RE: [Nagios-devel] Linux Journal July 2003 edition

Badri Pillai badri at Pillai.DE
Wed Jun 25 11:08:02 CEST 2003


If you need more info regarding integrating nagios/cacti let me know.

I've done this for the company I'm working as a consultant. 

Well actually I got the idea from apan, but since the configuration
needed lots of typing, I replaced it with Cacti.

I just have to check with my boss if he agrees that I give the frontend
code to cacti and the plugins.



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	Has anyone else pick'd up or had delivered their July 2003
edition of Linux Journal. Listed on the front cover and actually about
half-way through the magazine is an article on Nagios which covers not
only Nagios itself but also mentions Nagat and NagMIN. Several
screenshots are also included. I haven't read it thoroughly yet as I
just pick'd up while grabbing some groceries but I plan to do so later
this evening when it's time to relax...


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