[Nagiosplug-devel] perfdata routines

Karl DeBisschop karl at debisschop.net
Fri Nov 28 10:52:06 CET 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-28 at 10:03, Voon, Ton wrote:
> There is a standard perfdata routine which is in utils.c. However, this
> expects parameters to be ints. For check_load, the data returned is floating
> point numbers, which means we get rounded figure for perfdata which loses a
> lot of information.
> Would it make sense for perfdata to expect all figures as floats instead? I
> think this is more flexible and a bit more perl-like (where all numeric
> scalars are floating point numbers). I guess a complaint would be
> speed/memory, but that should be alright in the world of super-fast
> computers? 
> Any other opinions?

When we discussed the 'standard' perfdata, we felt that since MRTG and
other RRD tools are dominantly oriented around ints, the we would do the

I myself do not use these tools so much that I can vouch for the
validity of the assumption that ints will make MRTG and RRD easier. But
that was the logic.


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