[Nagiosplug-devel] return code

Marco Barrera m.barrera at choin.net
Wed Apr 14 11:57:06 CEST 2004

Hi All,

Hope I am starting a discussion in the correct forum, I think this is 
more of a development issue rather than anything else.

I have been seeing a problem with a my plugin firebox

I am using some perl code to submit commands containing:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use lib "/usr/lib/nagios/plugins";
use utils qw($TIMEOUT %ERRORS);

my $state = 'OK';

my $memtotal = 0;
my $memused = 0;
my $memfree = 0;
my $memshared = 0;
my $membuffers = 0;
my $memcached = 0;
my $Mensaje = '';

open(OUTPUT,"/usr/sbin/cbsh 372.168.0.154 DDDDedo9 -c 'status all' | grep 'Mem:'|");
while (<OUTPUT>){
     if (/^Mem:\s+(\d.*)/) { $Mensaje = $1; last; }

($memtotal, $memused, $memfree, $memshared, $membuffers, $memcached) = split /\s+/, $Mensaje, 6;

print "Stest $memfree $membuffers\n";
exit $ERRORS{$state};

When I run the plugin
manually, it consistently works,

[root at csm-server plugins]# ./check_wg-mem.pl
Stest 18944000 14516224

but when it is run by
nagios, the exit code is frequently wrong.


I work with RH ES 3

Is there an alternative solution?

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