[Nagiosplug-devel] SNMP community in host configuration

Bob Myers bob at intelenet.net
Thu Dec 16 11:13:02 CET 2004

> Patrick Proy wrote:
>>> Hi again, 
>>> Maybe some more information : I'm using service templates that's why I have
>>> this problem. I need one service template per snmp community... 
>That's the best way to do it then I suppose. You might be able to put 
>the community in the notes variable of the hostextinfo and then use it 
>from there (I don't know to what extent the host macros are expanded for 
>checks, but it could be worth a try).
>The main problem is that you'll HAVE to write down the authentication 
>info somewhere. Templates makes you do it once, I suppose, so that's 
>most likely the best solution (assuming you don't want to set your 
>read-only authinfo to the same thing everywhere).

The problem with this is that the SNMP community really is set for a 
host, not for a service.  You can put in the community for every service 
template you use, but if you do a lot of SNMP monitoring, it ends up 
separately in every template.   It's not at all unreasonable to run many 
SNMP checks on any given host.

I for one would like to see Nagios have a little tighter integration 
with SNMP.

What I've done is use an external config file with the SNMP community 
defined for each Nagios host.  Then each of my SNMP Nagios plugins 
references this config file to find out the SNMP community for that 
host.  I think a much cleaner implementation would be for Nagios to 
provide the SNMP community for a given host as a macro.

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