[Nagiosplug-devel] misleading "Error: Could not complete SSL handshake" message?

John Rodriguez jr534 at columbia.edu
Mon Dec 20 11:21:01 CET 2004

When configuring Nagios to use the nrpe plugin for remote monitoring, I
received an error saying 

"Error: Could not complete SSL handshake"

After querying the Nagios FAQ database and several online bulletin boards,
the problem remained.  I then compared my nrpe.cfg to a sample one online,
and noticed that the ALLOWED_HOST_ADDRESS are delimited without spaces.


My problem was listing the ips as such:

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

as opposed to



Is this the intended behavior?  Is a rudimentary check for proper
configuration formatting in order?  The error logs in debug mode aren't very
helpful in recognizing this possible misconfiguration.


Just passing along my findings, hope they prove helpful.




John Rodriguez

New Media Associate

Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL)

jr534 at columbia.edu


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