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I am pretty sure that everyone that decides this is required moves to snmp,  but I don't want to do snmp and I really want to run checks on my CPU usage,  so I wrote a plugin to do it.   

Unfortunately,  it doesn't work under any windows based OS,  as there isn't a CLI tool that will report the info without adding resource kit tools or some sort of third party utility.  If you are familiar with python it shouldn't take too much effort to convert it over.

It utilises optparser,  which is native to python 2.3 or above.  I have made use of a try statement to support the use of the optik module for versions 2.0 - 2.2.  If users get an error that says "ImportError: No module named optparse", this means that they are running an older version of Python.  They have two choices,  either upgrade to 2.3.0 or higher,  or install the optik module.  I have written very clear and concise FAQs to cover all possible python errors,  which you can have if you like.

I have covered off everything I can think of.  I support all the switches required according to the documentation,  I believe that I have captured all possible syntax errors,  and make sure it gives intelligent errors whenever required.

I have tested this under OpenBSD, RedHat 8.0 -> Fedora Core2, and had someone test it on a debian system for me.  I have written it so that it should be functional under any linux as well as NetBSD and FreeBSD.  

It has been running on about a dozen boxes through check_by_ssh in my network.  Is that what you mean by a test harness?

When I started this project I hadn't really any idea about how to finish it.  Looking at the finished product,  I feel a little embarrassed about how long it took for such a simple program.  *blush*  It has been a fun ride.  I will get that out of it,  even if I didn't notice something that does the job that already exists or that someone has written better.   If you like it,  I would be most chuffed to find it in the plugins one day.  



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