[Nagiosplug-devel] bug with "-e" argument to check_disk [patc h included]

Voon, Ton Ton.Voon at egg.com
Tue Jun 1 06:01:13 CEST 2004


Which version of the plugins are you using? It looks like 1.3.1.

Does this exist in 1.4? If so, can you provide a patch against CVS HEAD and
I'll apply it.


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hi there,

i've been looking into getting disk space monitoring integrated into the
other nagios monitoring i'm already doing, and i think i've found a bug with
on of the command line options, "-e".  the description says:

 -e, --errors-only
     Display only devices/mountpoints with errors

when running on a system with no disk space errors:

cork[~]12:49:49$ /usr/local/sbin/check_disk -w 15% -c 10% DISK OK [1247916
kB (63%) free on /dev/sda7] [25815 kB (26%) free on /dev/sda2] [1931628 kB
(100%) free on /dev/shm] [1768884 kB (52%) free on /dev/sda6] [7517516 kB
(76%) free on /dev/sda3] [9166460 kB (93%) free on /dev/sda5] [16410780 kB
(74%) free on /dev/emcpowerb6] [92890296 kB (78%) free on /dev/emcpowera1]
[51267056 kB (43%) free on /dev/emcpowera2] [22861384 kB (79%) free on
/dev/emcpowerb3] [7366696 kB
(51%) free on /dev/emcpowerb5]

however, when running with -e

cork[~]12:50:05$ /usr/local/sbin/check_disk -w 15% -c 10% -e Unable to read
output /bin/df -Pk 
/dev/emcpowerb5       15124868   6983988   7372576      49%

very strange indeed!  even stranger, if you specify the run with the -v
option, the behaviour goes away:

cork[~]12:50:44$ /usr/local/sbin/check_disk -w 15% -c 10% -e -v /bin/df -Pk
==> DISK OK [1247900 kB (63%) free on /dev/sda7] [25815 kB
(26%) free on /dev/sda2] [1931628 kB (100%) free on /dev/shm] [1768884 kB
(52%) free on /dev/sda6] [7517516 kB (76%) free on /dev/sda3]
[9166276 kB (93%) free on /dev/sda5] [16410760 kB (74%) free on
/dev/emcpowerb6] [92899616 kB (78%) free on /dev/emcpowera1] [51266780 kB
(43%) free on /dev/emcpowera2] [22861368 kB (79%) free on /dev/emcpowerb3]
[7326368 kB (51%) free on /dev/emcpowerb5]

some investigation turned up what looks like a bug in the flow of execution
in the main while loop processing the output of df, which causes the last
processed line to always have result == STATE_UNKNOWN.
specifically, line 121-122:

if (disk_result==STATE_OK && erronly && !verbose)

result is not set to the value of disk_result (via calling max_state at the
end of the while loop, which is skipped by this continue statement), and as
such is still in STATE_UNKNOWN.

attached is a very short patch (diff -u) which i believe fixes the problem.


ps - please cc me with any correspondance, i'm not subscribed to the

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