[Nagiosplug-devel] check_memory plugin

Gary Danko gary at hekal.org
Fri Jun 11 08:34:00 CEST 2004

Hi all,
After using the memory checking feature of the check_nt plugin, I wanted 
to create something similar for my Linux machines. So I wrote something 
in Perl to check memory and report on it. This plugin relies on the 
Linux "free" command so unfortunately it's currently limited to Linux 
machines... until I can find a better way to gather memory usage stats.

Command usage is:
Usage: check_memory -t [physical|swap|total] -w limit -c limit
        check_memory [-v|--version]
        check_memory [-h|--help]

Output looks like this:
[root at mandrake libexec]# ./check_memory --type=swap --warn=50 --crit=10
Swap Memory OK: Total: 1019.71 MB - Used: 0.95 MB (0%) - Free: 1018.77 
MB (100%)

[root at mandrake libexec]# ./check_memory --type=physical --warn=50 --crit=10
Physical Memory CRITICAL: Total: 501.83 MB - Used: 485.27 MB (97%) - 
Free: 16.12 MB (3%)

[root at mandrake libexec]# ./check_memory --type=total --warn=50 --crit=10
Total Memory OK: Total: 1521.54 MB - Used: 486.14 MB (32%) - Free: 
1035.40 MB (68%)

This is my first real plugin for Nagios and I do not know how to submit 
it. What can I do to make it available for others?

Thanks :)

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