[Nagiosplug-devel] Backwards compatible check_nrpe (v2.1)

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Fri May 14 03:30:01 CEST 2004

Hey all.

I got a bit tired when customers started complaining about check_nrpe 
not working properly after updates, so I added backwards compatibility 
to it (the plugin, not the daemon).

Good Things;
Handles v1 and v2 daemons (with SSL if available at compile-time), at 
practically no slowdown at all.
Code is modified so that adding support for future versions is trivial 
(look in check_utils.c and common.h. You'll get the idea).

Bad Things;
It may fill the logs of the nrpe-daemon server a bit, since it will fail 
to connect properly most of the time (due to inconsistencies in the 
packet structures it's impossible to determine by any other means than 
trying a connect, and proceed with next packet version if it fails). 
Because of this, you should use this if you plan on upgrading, or if 
you're using different versions of nrpe and want to keep your 
check_commands configuration to a minimum.
I ran indent on it (sorry Ethan, but I can't follow logic with your 
coding style), so the patch is around 130K. That's why I included the 
whole baloney instead.
I haven't tested the nrpe daemon much, and I expect to modify that to 
some extent as well (making it log cleverly depending on op-mode and so on).

Tested on (with and without SSL support);
Owl GNU/*/Linux 1.1
Debian Beta
RedHat 7.2
Further testing would be appreciated.

Command arguments hasn't been tested, since company policy forbids it, 
but it should work somewhat as expected.

Build may fail if one uses glibc < 2.1, due to a usleep() call in 
recvall() in utils.c. Let me know if this is an issue, and I'll replace 
it with a workaround.

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas?

Sourcerer / Andreas Ericsson
+46 (0)733 709032
andreas.ericsson at op5.se
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