[Nagiosplug-devel] Timeout on check_oracle for systems with high load and large number of processes

Loveridge, Shanon Shanon.Loveridge at team.telstra.com
Wed Aug 3 18:07:01 CEST 2005

When check_oracle, with the --db option, is run on a system with a high load and a large number of processes the check will time out.

This is due to the following ps check timing out. (code from the daily cvs snapshot) 
	pmonchk=`ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep -c "ora_pmon_${2}$"`

The line should be changed to:
	pmonchk=`ps -e -o args | grep -c "ora_pmon_${2}$"`

Which takes 10% of the time to run on the busy system mentioned.

I would have recommended -o cmd for the check but Solaris uses comm instead of cmd and the check would therefore fail.

Shanon Loveridge
System Architect
Reporting Data Warehouse (RDW)
Phone: 03 9693 4030

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