[Nagiosplug-devel] Problems with locales on Nagios 2 beta

pedro pedro at i-set.ru
Mon Feb 28 06:00:05 CET 2005

Hi all!

I have recently upgraded to Nagios 2 beta and found a problem between
the plugins and the system locale. If the system locale is set to
something other than english, most plugins give an error while parsing
the results of their probes. Plugins give an error that Nagios
interprets as if the checked service is down, which brings more
confusion. Such case happens with check_ping, for example. The situation
may not be immediately obvious for some, as, at machine boot everything
seems to run fine (system locale is reset only after the load of nagios,
at least on Mandrake 10.1). But later, any reload or restart of nagios
daemon brings trouble. 

The present solution is to give nagios an english locale either through
~/.i18n or to bring /etc/sysconfig/i18n to english (this concerns
Mandrake distros). 

Pedro Rosa

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