[Nagiosplug-devel] check_radius warning bahavior [Virus checked]

Matthias.Eble at kaufland.de Matthias.Eble at kaufland.de
Fri Jul 22 10:04:25 CEST 2005

hi list,

our activcard radius server doesn't allow unchanged passwords for more 
than 14 days. So changing the password for the monitoring user every 14 
isn't really the way we can go. Unfortunately check_radius exits with a 
warning state if the authentication fails.

After watching the code of radiusclient, it seems to me, that 
rc_send_server exits with BADRESP_RC if:
        User/Password is incorrect,
        server response has invalid length
        there's not enough buffer space to verify the response
        receiving non matching seq. numbers
        receiving invalid reply digest

So my first intention, to create a simple switch to change the return code 
to OK if "Auth failed" occurs, won't work since
other important errors could be misinterpreted. In short, we would need an 
opportunity to let check_radius generate an OK state
if an invalid user/password combination is given.

Has anyone an idea how to solve this problem or could check if my 
assumption is right? 

Thank you very much

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