[Nagiosplug-devel] question about check_ping plugin

Ton Voon tonvoon at mac.com
Mon Jul 25 11:46:04 CEST 2005


This should go to the nagiosplug-help mailing list. Also, you are  
missing version information and your OS. However, I know there has  
been a fix recently for check_ping for Red Hat 9, as well as some  
other internationalisation fixes. Please try the CVS snapshot at  


On 25 Jul 2005, at 15:29, Nizhnikov Dmitry wrote:

> Good day. I'm try running check_ping plugin and obtain next mistake:
> libexec#./check_ping -H localhost -w 1000.0,80% -c 2000.0,100%
> /bin/ping -n -U -w 15 -c 5 localhost
> CRITICAL - Could not interpret output from ping command
> run as nagios user and root too.
> Why  that may be. Thank you.
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