[Nagiosplug-devel] runcmd, common.h, and popen

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Wed Jun 29 08:47:24 CEST 2005

sean finney wrote:
> hey andreas,
> i've applied your patches after a bit of massaging for things that have
> changed in cvs since the submission, and have a new diff file of all
> this together.
> however, some of the plugins seem to no longer work after using the
> np_runcmd framework.  this is what i've tested:
> successful
> check_dig
> check_dns
> check_load
> check_nagios
> check_ping
> check_procs
> check_swap
> unsuccessful
> check_by_ssh (segfaulted if i gave a remote cmd that didn't exist)

Fixed (although I'm fairly certain the support for passive checks is 

> check_fping (always issues a warning)

Fixed. This plugin should be dropped in favor of check_icmp btw. I know 
of roughly 100 companies of varying sizes that have used check_icmp in 
production well over a year now without a hitch. There were previously 
some irregularities on *BSD but that's been sorted, and I've had reports 
of successful compiles and tests on Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Irix as well.

> check_snmp (doesn't seem to return data at all)

Fixed. I had forgotten to remove the output line concatenation (which is 
stupid really, since it breaks the lines in the next loop anyways. 
Low-hanging fruit there, but I'm too fed up right now).

> check_users (doesn't return the correct number of users)

Fixed. There was a typo in the counting loop.

> untested
> check_game
> check_hpjd

I haven't tested those either. Perhaps a friendly "testing help wanted" 
on nagios-users can settle it. I might be able to find someone to try 
check_hpjd, but check_game is lost to me.

> attached is a diff of your combined patches against our current
> cvs tree, if you or anyone else could help look into these problem
> or untested plugins, i'd be appreciative.
> 	sean

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