Antwort: Re: [Nagiosplug-devel] check_dns: DNS WARNING - nslookup returned error status

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Mon Sep 5 06:44:21 CEST 2005

nagiosplug-devel-admin at schrieb am 05.09.2005 

> On my RHEL4 server (Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4 Update 1, 2.
> 6.9-11.EL) , this will fail anywhere between 40% to 70% of the time.
> Running the same on MacOS10.4.1 and Debian 3.1 gives me 100% success.

I have tried your testsuite, but the results are a bit unexpected.
I only have around 2-5% failure reports. Often I even have 0% failures.
Sometimes I run 5 consecutive ./run_test 1000 and get 5 100% ok returned.

I either get 0 failures or 2-5%, never anything else.

> So it looks like only DNS resolution stuff is causing problems. 
> Using Peter's trick of waiting for childtermd to be set by the 
> SIGCHLD handler (commented in child_test.c) changes it to 100% 
> success at all times. 

If I activate the while, I always get 0% failure.

> Definitely looks like a Redhat problem. Can you escalate to them. I 
> think a technical summary could be: "wait() sometimes fails if child
> executes nslookup/dig command".
> I'm happy for you to contact me if you need more information.

I would love to see if you could tweak the test a bit more to generate
a higher percentage of errors, just like check_dig does for me. I'm not
sure if RH will be impressed by those few errors.

I'm going to escalate it now anyways.


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