[Nagiosplug-devel] New plugin: check_tping

Robert Lowe robert.h.lowe at lawrence.edu
Tue Apr 25 01:11:07 CEST 2006

Just an FYI... I posted a new plugin on NagiosExchange; the
summary is posted below for anyone interested.  Any feedback
will be appreciated!


check_tping is a C language plugin used to probe and determine
host and network responsiveness in situations where ICMP may
be blocked or treated with a lower priority, making it either
entirely useless or untrustworthy as a measurement tool.

While other TCP ping tools/plugins exist, the approach used
here minimizes total runtime, and allows for an adjustable
interprobe delay. This essentially creates a pipeline of
probes, limiting the total runtime to Number of probes *
Interprobe delay + timeout, rather than a sequential
Number of probes * timeout approach. This makes check_tping
optimal for use in a busy Nagios server environment where
hundreds or thousands of hosts/services are being monitored.

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