[Nagiosplug-devel] Need help on check_apt binary

matthias.flittner at nethinks.com matthias.flittner at nethinks.com
Tue Dec 12 14:08:41 CET 2006

Dear Santhosh,

Have you run ./configure and make before you run the binary? Please run 
the binary with the option -v like this:

./check_apt -v 

and sent me the output.

I hope I can help you.

Best regards


"Santhosh Injineri" <injinerisanthosh at gmail.com> 
12.12.2006 13:44

matthias.flittner at nethinks.com

Need help on check_apt binary

Hi Matthias,
I need some clarification on check_apt binary ....
I am porting nagios-plugins on HP-UX and when i run check_apt binary by 
executing command 
i am getting output as 
' -o 'Debug::NoLocking=true' -s -qq upgrade' exited with non-zero status.
APT OK: 0 packages available for upgrade (0 critical updates).  errors 
detected. run with -v for information.
I am very new to Nagios .... Please help me in this Regard
Any problem in binary or the way i am running the command 
Please help me in this Regard
Thanks in Advance
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