[Nagiosplug-devel] Checking for unknown NIS servers?

C. Bensend benny at bennyvision.com
Sun Feb 12 14:19:03 CET 2006

> if you could write me a fairly portable chunk of (preferably C)
> code that sent out a broadcast and returned a list of domains,
> i'd be happy to throw it in a plugin for you, but i'm not familiar
> enough with NIS to know off the top of my head an easy way to
> do that.

Hmmm, yeah.  Let me assure you, any C that I write from scratch
will be the stuff of nightmares, the kind of thing that makes
you wake in the middle of the night, screaming in the dark.  ;)

I used to know C.  Haven't touched it in years.  I'm trying to
relearn it again, but I am very bad at it.

"'And you've got 10 gig of files to put through our mail system?' I
ask, squeezing my mouse in a non-approved manner." -- BOFH, 2006-01

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