[Nagiosplug-devel] Checklist for new plugins release

Ton Voon ton.voon at altinity.com
Fri Jan 27 08:27:01 CET 2006


With Ethan pushing for Nagios 2 to be final soon, we should look to  
getting another release of the plugins. Here's my list of tasks that  
need to be completed:

   - complete the testing suite (at least getting tinderbox to report  
everything passes). I'll do this in the next two weeks
   - more internationalisation clean up - Benoit was going to do some  
of this
   - more bug fixes. There's lots of useful stuff in SF, but I  
haven't had a chance to go through a lot of them. I will probably do  
some on a plugin basis because some tests are more complete than  
others (check_disk covers a lot of good cases)
   - I'm creating a check_mysql_query for a customer which I'll be  
adding back into the distribution. This is because I plan on adding  
some library functions for thresholds and perf data that has been  
design in the dev guidelines, but not implemented yet
   - website redesign. Just to look a bit better :)

Moving forward, I want to concentrate on testing a lot more. I'm a  
convert to good testcases and I can see down the line in future that  
I want a failing test case submitted with most patches, so that it is  
easily proved that the patches are good. I've been using libtap  
(http://jc.ngo.org.uk/trac-bin/trac.cgi/wiki/LibTap) which is used by  
the FreeBSD team to regression test their C code, and I plan on  
adding this to our current test suite.

Does anyone else have a list of things to be done for the next  
release? I think mid March is probably a reasonable target.


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