[Nagiosplug-devel] check_ntp misunderstandings?

Gerhard Lausser Gerhard.Lausser at consol.de
Thu Jul 27 19:39:00 CEST 2006


i have a problem understanding what check_ntp actually checks. Let's say, i
have a time service infrastructure like this:

lantime1.dom                     # stratum 2
  |   \ 
  |     \
  |       \
ntp1.dom   ntp2.dom              # stratum 3
(xntpd)    (xntpd)
  |        /
  |      /
  |    /
srv1.dom                         # the server i monitor with nagios     

srv1.dom has a ntp.conf containing
server ntp1.dom
server ntp2.dom

If i understand check_ntp right, i would execute "check_ntp -H ntp1.dom"
on server srv1.dom.
Now this will result in two calls:

1) ntpdate -q ntp1.dom
which will show me a difference of the clocks of my server srv1.dom and its
master ntp1.dom. This is so far what i expected.

2) ntpq -np ntp1.dom
which will show me information on the synchronization of the clocks of
timeserver ntp1.dom and its master lantime1.dom. I am actually not
interested in this and i dont want to be alerted if lantime1.dom does no
longer exist or has other difficulties.
What i would call here is ntpq -np and query the local xntpd which
gives me further details about synchronization of my monitored host and it's

So as i see it, check_ntp checks two different relations between three
clocks, while i am only interested in one relation between two clocks.

Am i the only one who is confused?

Greetings from Munich,

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