[Nagiosplug-devel] Help with creating a plugin to check RADIUS

Michael King mking at bridgew.edu
Thu Nov 23 00:07:38 CET 2006

I'll have to preface this that I'm a beginner at both Nagios, and Creating
plugins.  We have a small deployment in our office, and I'm trying to get 
it tomonitor our RADIUS servers.

We initially wanted to use the check_radius_adv plugin, but we found that it
wasn't capable of performing a full EAP conversation. (If it is, please tell
me so I don't reinvent the wheel here)

Poking around, I found that wpa_supplicant includes a utility called 
EAPOL_TEST which DOES perform a full EAP conversation with the RADIUS server.

Here's where i get stuck...

What should I be returning Nagios?  Right now I have it as a simple (5 line)
shell script.  All it really does is dump all the program output of eapol_test
into /dev/null and return a pass or fail.  (eapol_test returns a 1 if good, 
or 0 if bad, so i just stuck it in an IF statement)

There is a wealth of information that is in the program output. (Round trip
times, exact error of why EAP failed)  I just don't have the skill to utilize



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