[Nagiosplug-devel] check_nrpe question

Gary W. Smith gary at primeexalia.com
Tue Sep 19 20:33:53 CEST 2006

I have a nagios server that makes a call to a server running nrpe to
collect data.  The server running nrpe itself uses check_nt to collect
some data from some Wintel boxes behind it's firewall.  

The nrpe server has the following command in place on the remote nrpe

command[check_data_01_services]=/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nt -H -p 8244 -v SERVICESTATE -d SHOWALL -l

This command when executed on the nagios box reports all okay.  All
seems good there.

On the nagios server I call the remote nrpe command and I get the
following error.

/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -H REMOTEHOST -p REMOTEPORT -c
 MSExchangeIS: Started - MSExchangeMGMT: Started - MSExchangeMTA:
Started - MSExchangeSA: Started - RESvc: Started - MSSQL$ATACENTER:
Started - SMTPSVC: Started - SPTServer: Started - W3SVC: Started -
lanmanserver: Started - BackupExecAgentAccelerator: Started - IISADMIN:
Started - Spooler$: Unknown

Note the $ after spooler.  Even if I remove spooler from the nrpe config
file it then dies on IISADMIN, etc.  I have 3 other servers that I check
in the same way without any siginificant problem.  

Here is the configuration portion of nagios.

define service {
    service_description              Service State
    use                              generic-service
    host_name                        REMOTEHOSTNAME
    check_command                    check_nrpe!check_data_01_services

define service {
    name                             generic-service
    is_volatile                      0
    check_period                     24X7
    max_check_attempts               5
    normal_check_interval            30
    retry_check_interval             1
    active_checks_enabled            1
    passive_checks_enabled           1
    parallelize_check                1
    obsess_over_service              1
    check_freshness                  1
    freshness_threshold              0
    notifications_enabled            1
    notification_interval            120
    notification_period              24X7
    notification_options             u,c,w,r
    event_handler_enabled            1
    flap_detection_enabled           1
    low_flap_threshold               0
    high_flap_threshold              0
    process_perf_data                1
    retain_status_information        1
    retain_nonstatus_information     1
    contact_groups                   all-admins
    register                         0

Any ideas?
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