[Nagiosplug-devel] submitting my plugin, check_sip

O'Shaughnessy Evans shaug-nagios at wumpus.org
Sat Sep 30 01:41:15 CEST 2006

Hi, folks.  Some time back, I wrote a plugin to test SIP service (Jan
2005, if my RCS history is accuate).  I've been using it for some time
and I figured it was about time that I offered it to the rest of the
Nagios community.  I saw on voip-info.org that somebody else also has
a check_sip plugin, but I didn't find it in the nagios-plugins tarball
so I hope I'm not stepping on anybody's toes by offering my own for
inclusion with the nagios-plugins distribution.

Before I post it to the list, I'd like to know the preferred method of
doing so.  Should I include a README file with it and put them both in
a .tar.gz, then MIME-attach it?  Simply attach the script and any other
docs as their own attachments?  Post a URL for download and peer review?
How would you prefer to see the code?

Lacking the entire script, here's the usage output:

$ ./check_sip -h
check_sip:  Nagios plugin to check a SIP server

  check_sip [<flags>] -H host [-c contact_uri] [-P proxy] [-p port] [-u user] [-a pass] [-e exp] [-v]
  check_sip [<flags>] -U sip_uri [-c contact_uri] [-P proxy] [-a pass] [-e exp] [-v]
  check_sip --help
  check_sip --man
  check_sip --version

  --contact|c   Contact URI to use in register (def <given user>@kokua.aloha.net).
  --expires|e   Set an expiration time for registrations (def 300).
  --hostname|H  Name of the host running the SIP server.
  --password|a  Auth password to specify when sending a username.
  --port|p      Port on which the SIP service should be running (def 5060).
  --proxy|P     Outbound proxy hostname; use if different than SIP URI host.
  --user|u      Username to include in the SIP uri.
  --uri|U       Full sip:user at host[:port] URI.
  --verbose|-v  Show details of progress (give more than once for more info).
  --help        Show this usage text.
  --man         Show the comprehensive documentation.
  --version     Show the version (0.1.5).

  Normal behavior is to send an OPTIONS request to the SIP server.
  If a username is given, though, either through --user or --uri, the
  script will attempt to register with the server given in the SIP URI.

Thanks, and best regards.

o'shaughnessy evans <shaug-nagios AT wumpus.org>    http://isle.wumpus.org/
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