[Nagiosplug-devel] RFC: Plugins config file (final proposal)

sean finney seanius at seanius.net
Fri Feb 9 01:10:53 CET 2007

hey gavin,

On Fri, 2007-02-09 at 10:09 +1100, Gavin Carr wrote:
> > I'm not too fussed about location. ${config-prefix}/nagios-plugins/ 
> > plugins.ini sounds as good as any.
> What are some typical ${config-prefix}-es? i.e. what would a full-path
> look like?

$config_prefix is autoconf-speak for $prefix/etc.  for prepackaged
distros that'd probably be straight /etc, and for those who do
configure --prefix=/usr/local it'd be /usr/local/etc.

> And as an aside, how do I source ${config-prefix} on the perl side?

it would be built-in at build time.  if you were building from the
nagios tarball you could just use autofoo substitutions, but if it's
being done outside i'd probably just deafult to whatever the ./configure
script would default to (one of the two directories i mentioned
above, i forget which).  and of course provide a way to override it
at build time as well.

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