[Nagiosplug-devel] RFC: Nagios 3 and Embedded Perl Plugins

Florian Gleixner flo at bier.homeip.net
Mon Jan 1 01:07:56 CET 2007


is there or is it planned to support some time plugins that are compiled
as dynamic libraries and can be loaded with dlopen()?
The embedded perl is very nice and makes plugin development fast, but a
C/C++ api with dynamically loaded plugins could make nagios much faster.


Ethan Galstad wrote:
> Hi Everyone -
> One of the things that Nagios 3 will support is the ability to use the 
> embedded Perl interpreter for specific perl plugins only, instead of all 
> or nothing. The Nagios 3 development code currently support the 
> following...
> Line 2 of a Perl plugin may start with one of the following:
> -or-
> If the #USE_EPN statement is found, Nagios will use the embedded Perl 
> interpreter to run the plugin.  If #NO_EPN is found, it will not be used 
> (even if epn is compiled in and enabled in the Nagios daemon).  If 
> neither directive is found, Nagios will default to the behavior 
> specified by a new 'use_embedded_perl_implicitly' variable in the main 
> Nagios config file.
> Plugin devs - would you prefer different statements other than #USE_EPN 
> / #NO_EPN, or are they okay?  Any other comments or suggestions?
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