[Nagiosplug-devel] RFC: New threshold syntax

Ton Voon ton.voon at altinity.com
Thu Mar 20 15:46:54 CET 2008


I've committed a branch of nagiosplug with check_procs taking --rss- 
threshold=[warn_range]/[crit_range] style threshold values. The --help  
output is reflected (as whatever new style thresholds should be the  
recommended approach).

This is backwards compatible - the test suite for existing  
functionality works as expected, although the output is slightly  

An interesting thing I've observed is that it is possible to get 3  
alerts for only 1 process:

./check_procs -C cron --number=^1:1 --rss-threshold=0: --vsz- 
threshold=0: --cpu-threshold=-1:

I can't decide what is the best way of summarising the problem (was it  
the vsz or the cpu that alerted?). It means that the way of looking at  
a plugin is to consider the thresholds as the most important thing,  
rather than the things being measured - I don't know, I haven't quite  
got my head around it yet. You can use -v -v to get info about which  
thresholds were crossed (multi-line - needs Nagios 3!).

Also, I've been thinking about the specification of ranges and I've  
come to the conclusion that my concise notation is arcane. But regular  
expressions are arcane too - yet you have to learn it if you want to  
use them. But I think, for the most common cases, my proposed range  
definition is suitable.

Snapshot of this branch is here:




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