[Nagiosplug-devel] Bug and fix for the check_disk plugin

Erik Welch ewelch at nvidia.com
Thu Nov 6 23:07:26 CET 2008

Bug in plugins/check_disk.c from nagios-plugins-1.4.12 (and prior)
* $Id: check_disk.c 1991 2008-05-07 10:02:42Z dermoth $

The program collects the mounted filesystem data before it processes the command line arguments. This is a problem for multiple reasons:
* Why spend cycles on the filesystem if there is an error or --help in the arguments?
* The argument processing stats the -p options to mount them in an autofs environment, but they won't have been mounted yet...

Detailed output showing the autofs problem:
$ sudo umount /home/userdir
$ plugins/check_disk -w 5% -c 1% -vvvvv -e -p /home/userdir
calling stat on /home/userdir
Thresholds(pct) for /home/userdir warn: 5.000000 crit 1.000000
calling stat on /home/userdir
DISK UNKNOWN - free space:|

Simply changing the order of the mount_list creation does not fix the problem as process_arguments uses the mount list in calls to np_set_best_match(), but does nothing with the results.  I commented them and now the program works as it should.

Diff output:
$ diff check_disk.c check_disk.c.new
<   mount_list = read_file_system_list (0);
>   mount_list = read_file_system_list (0);
<       np_set_best_match(se, mount_list, exact_match);
>       /* np_set_best_match(se, mount_list, exact_match); */
<       np_set_best_match(path_select_list, mount_list, exact_match);
>       /* np_set_best_match(path_select_list, mount_list, exact_match); */

Detailed output from fixed binary:
$ sudo umount /home/userdir
$ plugins/check_disk.new -w 5% -c 1% -vvvvv -e -p /home/userdir
calling stat on /home/userdir
Thresholds(pct) for /home/userdir warn: 5.000000 crit 1.000000
calling stat on /home/userdir
For /home/userdir, total=2129920, available=1047846, available_to_root=1047846, used=1082074, fsp.fsu_files=4133162, fsp.fsu_ffree=4031760
For /home/userdir, used_pct=51 free_pct=49 used_units=33814 free_units=32745 total_units=66560 used_inodes_pct=3 free_inodes_pct=97 fsp.fsu_blocksize=32768 mult=1048576
Freespace_units result=0
Freespace% result=0
Usedspace_units result=0
Usedspace_percent result=0
Usedinodes_percent result=0
Freeinodes_percent result=0
DISK OK /home/userdir 32745 MB (49% inode=97%);| /home/userdir=33814MB;63232;65894;0;66560


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