[Nagiosplug-devel] FW: Check_disk plugin update

Thomas Guyot-Sionnest dermoth at aei.ca
Fri Nov 14 03:50:59 CET 2008

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On 13/11/08 01:52 PM, Erik Welch wrote:
> How did your testing go? Is there more work/testing that you need from me?
> We have a rather large and complex automount environment, so we tend to hit some interesting corner cases on just about every tool we use...

Sorry; I've been busy with work and converting the repository for a
SVN -> Git migration coming soon.

The last patch works, although it obviously leak memory for each -p
invocation... I tried freeing the struct first but for reasons that I
still don't understand it fails horribly... So I finally got it working
by using a temporary struct for that code block.

I'd still like some feedback from other developers, as I don't like much
my current code, and I would especially like to know why it failed when
freeing the  global array. I could also make it a configure option,
because I doubt many people will use that anyway.

Oh, out of curiosity, since the stat call mounts the partition,
shouldn't it be mounted on further checks? What is your check interval
and max_check_attempt?

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