[Nagiosplug-devel] [PATCH] check_smtp.c - float warn/crit thresholds

Ignacio Goyret igoyret at alcatel-lucent.com
Wed Nov 19 02:03:21 CET 2008

At 11:42 AM 11/18/2008 -0800, Ignacio Goyret wrote:
>Hi all,
>The attached patched allows check_smtp.c to accept double (floating
>point) values for warning and critical thresholds. Previously, it
>only accepted integers.
>Note that the help message (check_smtp -h) indicated that these
>parameters were supposed to be DOUBLE so this change makes it
>PS: The attached patch is svn-based. I found the issue on

Oops, I forgot to actually attach the patch.
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