[Nagiosplug-devel] NagiosPlugin.vbs new framework

Mattias Ryrlén mattias.ryrlen at op5.com
Thu Nov 27 17:00:13 CET 2008


I have built a framework to be used with vbscript files and nagios. this
is in early stage but it almost works as i would expect it (similar as
Nagios::Plugin for perl)

you can see the information about it on

to just download/view the files click "tree" then "raw" on
NagiosPlugin.vbs and check_test.vbs for example.

you can use git to check-out the whole project with the following
git clone git://git.op5.org/nagios/vbs-plugins.git

Feedback can be sent to list or direct to me :)

' Define what args that should be used
np.add_arg "host", "Hostaddress", 1
np.add_arg "warning", "warning threshold", 0
np.add_arg "critical", "critical threshold", 0
np.add_arg "community", "SNMP Community", 1
np.add_arg "variable", "Variable to check, eg CPU", 1

' If we have no args or arglist contains /help or not all of the required arguments are fulfilled show the usage output,.
If Args.Count < 1 Or Args.Exists("help") Or np.parse_args = 0 Then
End If

' If we define /warning /critical on commandline it should override the script default.
If Args.Exists("warning") Then threshold_warning = Args("warning")
If Args.Exists("critical") Then threshold_critical = Args("critical")
np.set_thresholds threshold_warning, threshold_critical

' Set the msg output to be used (OK/WARNING/CRITICAL/UNKNOWN will be applied automaticly)
return_code = np.check_threshold(Args("variable"))
msg = "Testing " & Args.Item("host") & " " & np.get_threshold("warning") & " " & np.get_threshold("critical")

' Nice Exit with msg and exitcode
np.nagios_exit msg, return_code

Vänliga hälsningar / Best Regards
Mattias Ryrlén

op5 AB
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SE-413 27 Göteborg
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